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My Kingdom (Silent War)


Hyun’s life isn’t what he expected and one day gets too close to someone he shouldn’t…

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Maybe No 01:49 - 05/24/2019
Good job ripping from Manhwahentai! emo

Seriously, you couldn't have found a series in which the watermark wasn't visible on every page?
Alin Samoila 01:32 - 10/03/2019
*actual description*
The MC is a shy boy in his high school,
Weak and skinny but with lots of luck with the lottery. MC becomes friends with gunner a mature gangsta so to speak, MC has a crush on a girl from his school but later finds out that she is dating gunner. One day MC from certain situations came to be alone in the room with his crush but sadly nothing happened. Later that day gunner comes in the house and MC rushes to hide in the closet, gunner then fucks MCs crush in every position and very close to the closet, *he sees everything* after that MCs home room teacher cares for the MC because he hangs around thugs. Then MCs teacher also gets fucked by gunner and fucked so hard she got mind destroyed. But she still cares for the MC. Long story short. teacher, crush, and other girls. Have hidden feeling for the MC while they are roughly fucked by gunner and MC is aware of it. *and of description*
Me: now... my experience with this manga made me suffer, it's not about the MC in the least. I came here for a bust but I got a feeling of betrayal and cheating... so yeah, maybe you like this stuff, and If you actually do like it I want to punch you in the face but that is just my rage speaking.
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